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This beautifully arranged recording of multicultural, multi-generational Jewish music introduces us to a wonderful new talent on the Jewish music scene. Kim Moskowitz, Cantorial soloist, songwriter and music educator has brought us an inspiring and uplifting expression of her soul with 13 innovative arrangements of popular classics and delightful original compositions in Hebrew, English, Yiddish and Ladino that are sure to rejuvenate the spirit. This heartwarming music, highlighting such favorites as Light One Candle, Yedid Nefesh, Dona Dona and a beautiful rendition of the Priestly Blessing, is contemporary, vibrant and adaptive yet stands upon a firm foundation of shared religious and Jewish communal experiences through the ages from around the world.

The selections on this CD were skillfully and thoughtfully arranged by David Kates and Jeffrey Silverman who brought these beautiful Jewish folk songs to life by combining the traditional with the contemporary, the old with the new and the roots with the newly ripened fruit of the tree. 







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