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"Kim's music is a breath of fresh air and her spirit helps us to soar to new heights.  Buy it...and enjoy the ride"
                                        Craig Taubman



 "A beautifully arranged selection of Judaic music that gives us the "old" and "new" and captures the essence of the Jewish spirit.  It will make you smile and cry as the sweet sounds of Kim's clear and folk style voice create a special warmth that will touch your mind and heart."

                                        Cindy Paley




"Each song on Kim Moskowitz' Shir Magic CD takes me to a special place.  I think of the children when I listen to the blessings, I think of my father when Kim sings in Yiddish, and I think of the torah stories when I hear the songs about creation and Miriam.  It is musical art, and I recommend it to anyone that has a family tree."

Ditza Zakay, Early Childhood and Music Specialist